China to allocate 125 scholarship for Kazakhstan students to study in universities, reports the Center for International Programs ‘Bolashak’.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan announced the competition for studies in Chinese universities. Scholarship programs include the possibility of studying under the bachelor's, master’s, doctoral programs, as well as the possibility of internship.

The opportunity to study in universities in China, Kazakhstanis have received through several international agreements:

72 places in higher educational institutions of the People's Republic of China will be given to Kazakhstanis in the framework of an agreement between the ministries of education of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China;

13 seats in the framework of an agreement between the governments of the SCO member states on cooperation in the field of education;

40 on the Chinese-Kazakh special scholarships of China.

The educational grant will cover the costs of tuition and accommodation, as well as give the right to receive a monthly scholarship of 2-3 thousand yuan.

The language of education will be in English or Chinese. In this case, the grant will give the opportunity to complete a one-year Chinese language course.

“The Qazaq Times”