According to the official statics on the epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan on August 2,  1069 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in one day.

Specially, 570 cases with symptoms and 499 cases without symptoms. The number of people who infected with coronavirus in the Kazakhstan has reached 92,662.

However, considering the situation with coronavirus pneumonia, this figure is much higher.

Eearlier, Health Ministry had promised to publish statistics in a new format, including clinical and epidemiological symptoms similar to the COVID-19 virus, and those who died. But on the morning of August 3, they reported about only asymptomatic and symptomatic patients.

In accordance with the latest data, the situation of pneumonia in the country has risen 3,3 times, from 70 thousand to 234 thousand. This is the figure for the period from January 1 to July 15. However, it is unknown that how many cases of pneumonia have been registered since July 15. According to the date of August 1, “5,181 patients had not been diagnosed in the laboratory, howver they had pneumonia with clinical and epidemiological signs of coronavirus. Besides, 30 patients died from this diagnosis. If we include who got pneumonia, the number of infected people with the virus would be 97,843 people. However, the statistics for August 2 do not provide detailed information.

Over the past weekend, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had extended the pandemic emergency for another three months.

Today, it should be noted that the number of people infected with the coronavirus exceeds 18 million in the world and 97 thousand in Kazakhstan.

"The Qazaq Times"