Book of the rector of Al-Farabi KazNU, academician Galym Mutanov, «Mathematical Methods and Models in Economic Planning, Management and Budgeting» was presented in Chinese at the world’s largest Beijing international book exhibition, KazNU press service reports.

The presentation was attended by Vice Minister of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Jiang Jian-Guo, President of Renmin University of China Liu Wei, First Secretary of the Embassy of the RK in the PRC Kalamkas Duzbaeva, Rector of KazNU Galym Mutanov, and well-known scientists and specialists.

"We know Professor Galym Mutanov not only as the head of a leading University in Kazakhstan, but also as a major scientist with a worldwide reputation. His scientific work, which we are presenting, was published in several languages and it has been recognized at the international level. Now, it has been published in Chinese. The relevance, innovative approach and the versatility of his research is undoubtedly of great interest not only for scientific community, but also for Chinese practitioners and leaders", - said Liu Wei, President of Renmin University of China.

The Kazakhstani scientist was awarded a certificate in recognition of his scientific achievements.

It should be noted that this monograph at one time was highly praised by Nobel Prize winner in economics John Nash, who compared the results of the study with the work of two other Nobel Prize winners Christopher Sims and Harold Kuhn. It was also included in the authoritative international database of leading scientific publications Web of Science Core Collection.

"The Qazaq Times"