The issues of the fight against torture in Kazakhstan were discussed in the UN office in Geneva

With the assist of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the United Nations Office in Geneva was an event conserning the tortu..

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Tajikistan to send its military to exercise in the US

Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to send their representatives to the US to participate in the exercise "Regional Cooperat..

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Russia banned import of 100 tons of Kazakhstani agricultural products

Russia banned the import of 100 tons of Kazakh agricultural products, the press service of the Rosselkhoznadzor. "From August 31 to September 3, offic..

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An international competition "Sunkar hunting" has come to an end

There was a competition "Sunkar hunting" of the International army games in the territory of the 40th military base "Otar". The team of the Armed Forc..

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Kazakhstan and Russia plan to create a superheavy rocket

Kazakhstan to participate in the development of the Russian superheavy missile, such work implies the concept of cooperation at the Baikonur cosmodrom..

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