Uzbekistan and Afghanistan to create a business council

Uzbekistan and Afghanistan to create a business council of entrepreneurs of the two countries, reports the press service of the Chamber of Commerce an..

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Tajikistan is the poorest country among the CIS countries

Tajikistan is the poorest among the countries of the CIS, reports the data of the interstate statistical committee of the CIS "Monitoring of LRC indic..

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200 people will be cut at the Baikonur Cosmodrome

The Khrunichev Space Center, engaged in the production of Proton rockets and the development of Angara missiles, announced the reduction of almost 200..

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President signs a decree on renaming South-Kazakhstan region as Turkestan region

The text of the Decree was published by the press service of Akorda. On some issues of the administrative and territorial structure of the Republic of..

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Tajikistan reduced imports of flour by 9.1 thousand tons

Over the five months 2018, to compare the indicators of 2017, Tajikistan imported flour for 9.1 thousand tons, while the import of wheat increased by ..

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