Chief mufties of Central Asia agreed to open joint religious shcools

The chief mufties of Central Asia signed a joint memorandum in Bishkek, reports Department of Religious Affairs of Kazakhstan. The chief mufties of Ka..

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Kyrgyzstan gives Turkey symbols of the World Games of nomads

At the closing ceremony of the III World Nomadic Games, the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Muhammetkaliy Abylgaziev gives the symbols of the Ga..

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Alexei Lutsenko wins gold medal of the Asian Games-2018

Kazakhstani cyclist Alexei Lutsenko wins the gold medal of the Asian Games-2018 in the group race, reports The distance of the discipline ..

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Mosques near the school will be demolished in Kazakhstan

There was a meeting with representatives of the Immigration and Religious Affairs Department and representatives of the construction department in Shy..

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Who made board of togyzkumalak (nine balls)?

Who made the board of togyzkumalak? How is the promotion of this sport in our country nowadays? What is going on this sphere?  Togyzkumalak is an inte..

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