Today, not only Kazakhstan, but all countries of the world are affected by the global pandemic. According to experts, the shutdown of institutions and enterprises, the closure of schools and kindergartens have hit the world economy. However, despite this, some people do not believe in the existence of coronavirus. Others attribute it to politics. Even the increase in the number of infected people has not stopped Kazakhstanis from walking in public places and has not affected compliance with quarantine requirements. In this regard, we decided to talk to Almas Amangeldy, a journalist of the "Atameken Business" channel, who has contracted a coronavirus infection and is currently receiving treatment at the newly opened hospital for infectious diseases in the capital. He also noted that no one is insured against the disease and called on Kazakhstanis to comply with quarantine requirements.

- Good afternoon Almas! What do you think that where did you get this infection? Also, what were the first symptoms?

- One of my acquaintance got a coronavirus infection. After that, I took the test on my own. It also showed a positive result, but was asymptomatic at first. That's why I was under house quarantine. As it was asymptomatic, I thought it would pass easily. However, last Monday the temperature rose to 38 degrees and did not fall. I took antipyretics, but it didn't help. I had difficulty in breathing. I felt that as if my chest was hot. I immediately called an ambulance. A computed tomography scan of my chest revealed the onset of pneumonia. Then I was hospitalized in the newly opened modular infectious diseases hospital in the capital. My condition is not bad now, but I still have a dry cough.

- How are you being treated hospital? What medicine do you take?

- We measure our body temperature and the amount of oxygen in the blood in the morning. We take aluvia twice a day, for breakfast and dinner. It is combined with food. We also take an antibiotic called ceftriaxone twice a day. Then doctors visit patients individually to find out their condition. Depending on the human body, aluvia may have side effects. If there are side effects then doctors prescribes other medicines. For example, after taking the aluvia for five days, my stomach started to hurt. That's why the doctor prescribed a drug called creon.

- In general, are you satisfied with the condition of the hospital?

- The hospital where I am is new, so it is in good condition. Equipped with the latest technology. However, we cannot say the same concerning the regional hospitals. For example, we have technology that draws air from the room where the virus is. Turns on day and night. In general, the place where doctors sit is considered a safe area. And ours is a dangerous area, because there is a virus in our room. We are also not allowed to go in the corridor. There are single or triple wards. I am in a ward for one person.

- When will you take the next coronavirus test? Will treatment continue after discharge from the hospital?

- I will take the next test this week. Basically, the course of treatment lasts 10 days. After 10 days you will get 1 day rest. Only after that ill you pass the test. This is because the medication may give an incorrect test result if you pass the test without a day rest. Morever you should have an another CT scan of the chest. And treatment will continue after discharge from the hospital. Because I was told to go to the clinic where I was registered.

- As you know, now many people do not believe in the existence of this disease. Many of them claim that it is the policy of the state. In this regard, what advice would you give to Kazakhstanis after your experience?

- Yes, some people do not believe in the existence of this virus. In my opinion, the shutdown of institutions and enterprises, the closure of schools and kindergartens is ineffective and useless for the government. For example, the government does not receive taxes due to job losses. There is no need to call it politics and look for political motives. As a journalist, I researched this topic. I knew the symptoms of the disease, and I took all possible precautions. Even so, I got infected. This means that no one can guarantee that you will not be infected. No one is insured against this disease. I think that if none of your acquaintances or relatives have this disease, you should be happy. That is, the disease has not reached your environment. It is hard to believe for people in the regions, in small villages. But we should be glad that it did not reach them. Coronavirus is a virus like any other infection. However, it is still unknown how to treat it and what side effects it will have over time. That is why it is dangerous.

In addition, if the number of patients increases, there may be a shortage of doctors. For example, now there are no places in hospitals in the capital. Accordingly, doctors are working around the clock. And now, if number of patients are rises, may not have enough doctors, drugs or equipments. So I urge all Kazakhstanis to comply with sanitary requirements.

 "The Qazaq Times"