Social entrepreneur: It's not easy to get a grant for the development of social entrepreneurship

Social cafe "Emoji" has been working in the capital since July last year. The main features of the cafe is that here works deaf and dumb people. Visit..

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COVID-19: Infected Kazakhstani journalist called people to comply with sanitary requirements

Today, not only Kazakhstan, but all countries of the world are affected by the global pandemic. According to experts, the shutdown of institutions and..

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Sarah Cameron: Nazarbayev government may fear that discussion of the famine will imperil its relationship with Russia

We would like to bring to your attention an interview with Sarah Cameron, Assistant Professor of History, University of Maryland-College Park in the U..

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The University of Wyoming & KazNU partnership has opened doors and revealed unexpected opportunities

Interview with professor University of Wyoming Michael Brown

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Matt Garnett: One of my favorite Kazakh singers is Sara Tynyshtygulova

I'm in Michigan at Michigan State University  in East Lansing, USA. I am visiting-scholar in the College of Communication Arts&Sciences, School of..

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