Hundreds of Arys citizens making protests in Shymkent.

Now hundreds of people are walking along the Temirlan highway towards the mayor office of Shymkent. Certain leaders of the assembly are not visible, the people are organizing themselves. In the afternoon, at about 14:30, the air temperature is 35 degrees Celsius.

It's worth noting that today's protesters are saying that they want to get houses in the Shymkent or Turkestan area due to this incident which happened in Arys. There are also security guards around the protest. The public shouting saying "Arys should be moved in another place". We have heard that slogans a few times.

In addition, it is also should be noted that the protesters encourages each other not to destroy any property. According to recent information, the rally is stopping at the intersection of Bauyrzhan Momyshuly avenue and Respublika street in the city center.

"The Qazaq Times"