On July 6, in the city of Almaty, on the Day of Capital Day, a crowd of people gathered at the Central Stadium and Baluan Sholak Sports Complex (intersection Abai avenue and Baitursynov Street). The police detained gathered people and also a special operation was also carried out in a reinforced mode.

A group of women expressed their opinion, "What are police doing there?", "They shoud go to Arys", "Why do not they follow the fraudsters?". And others say, "Alga, Kazakhstan!", "Oyan, Kazakh!", "Bostandyk" (Freedom). Some citizens publicly announced that they had come for "illegal" rallies, and some simply said that they had a festive walk.

At 19:28 the young man, wearing a national flag, wearing a national hat was detained, his name is Kumisbek Beszhan. Among those detained were outstanding prominent poet Myrzan Kenzhebai. After a series of arrests, several elderly retired men and women complained about police actions and demanded a ban on arrest.

"The Qazaq Times"