2018 January

New trend: paternity leave to be common in Kazakhstan

More fathers across Kazakhstan receive paid paternity leave to take care of their newborn children, reports the Ministry of Labor and Social Protectio..

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Pension to rise by 8% in Kazakhstan

On January 1, 2018, solidarity pension will be increased by 8% in Kazakhstan, reports Kazakhstan’s Minister of Labor and Social Protection, at a meeti..

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Professor proposed to deputies to wear national clothes in Uzbekistan

Associate Professor of the National University of Uzbekistan, deputy director of the Center for Innovative Technologies Miryakub Khaidarov suggested i..

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Turkmenistan ban on women driving

Since the middle of December 2017, the authorities of Turkmenistan have banned women from driving. It does not matter whether they have a driving lice..

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The first novel about Islam Karimov published in Uzbekistan

A new novel of Isokdzhon Nishonov about the life of the first president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov ‘Courage’ published in Uzbekistan, reports the Uzb..

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