2018 January

Former Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan was arrested

Former Interior Minister of Uzbekistan Adham Ahmedboyev was arrested in Tashkent. This was reported by the Central Asian News Service. As stated by th..

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Grandson of Islam Karimov asked for political asylum from Great Britain

The grandson of the first president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov asked for political asylum from the Great Britain's government a month ago. This was r..

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Kazakhstan entered the top 20 countries with a cheap cost of living

Kazakhstan is located on the 19-th place which is a cheap cost of living in the international rating 2017. The user content portal Numbeo, in its annu..

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Kazakhstan earned $2.5 billion by leasing Baikonur  

During the lease of the Baikonur complex, 2.645 billion dollars were received into the revenue part of the budget of Kazakhstan, said Kazakhstan’s Pri..

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Thomas Graham: Central Asian countries want to have USA influence

The "C5 + 1" collaboration plan can work for some time, but its result will be simple. Thomas Graham, who was the adviser of the former US President G..

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