The head of the Uzbek National Security Service,Rustam Inoyatov invested 12 million to the United Arab Emirates. This was reported by the Fergana news agency.

As stated by the agency, on March 22, 2017, Rustam Inoyatov met with sheikh Mansur bin Zaid Al Nahayan in the United Arab Emirates. According to official medias of Uzbekistan, Inoyatov and al-Nahayan was talking concerning the developing a partnership between the two countries.

However, representatives of the OSI (Open Source Investigation) do not not agree with official statements. According to them, Inoyatov heads his business in Dubai using his status. In March, he held an unofficial meeting with Sheikh Mansur bin Zayed Al Nahayan in the United Arab Emirates. Four months after this meeting in August 2017, Capital Engineering Consultancy announced the construction of a five floor building which worth 12 million dollars in the address Jebel Ali Industrial-1 in Dubai. The building was registered on behalf of the son in law of Rustam Inoyatov Bakhtiyar Irgashev. The name of Irgashev was also mentioned as the business partner of the head of the company in the documents "Benif Hunts", registered in Austria by Sharif Inoyatov, the son of Rustam Inoyatov.

“The Qazaq Times”