At the 2018 Winter Olympics, Kazakhstan to defend the dignity of Central Asia

At the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, sport players of Kazakhstan will defend the dignity of Central Asia. February 9 in PyeonChang, South Korea..

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The size of payments to the winners 2018 Winter Olympics called in Kazakhstan    

Preparation for participation in the XXIII Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is at the final stage. Now, Kazakhstan team has 49 licenses, but the last re..

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Russian athletes want to raise the flag of the Soviet Union

According to the International Olympic Committee, Russian athletes have recommended to the IOC special committee to use the Soviet Union flag for part..

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President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation resigned

The president of the Kazakhstan Football Federation Seilda Baishakov resigned, reports the federation's website. However, it will be considered at th..

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The national team of Kazakhstan in the MMA is going to conquer the «World»

November 11, the national team of Kazakhstan for MMA will go to the World Championships, which will be held from November 12 to 19 in the capital of B..

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