Son-in-law of Atambayev leaves post of head of Kyrgyz Football Federation

Semetei Sultanov announced his voluntary resignation from the post of the President of the Football Federation of Kyrgyzstan, reports the new agency 2..

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The youth team of Tajikistan came to the finals in the Asian Championship

Team of Tajikistan won South Korea in the Asian Indoor Football Championship (U-16) in Malaisia and riched the final. The games were held at the stad..

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The World Wrestling Championship  will be held in Astana in 2019

The World Wrestling Championship (United World Wrestling  - wrestling, wrestling and wrestling federation of women)  will be held in Astana in 2019. F..

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Kyrgyzstan gives Turkey symbols of the World Games of nomads

At the closing ceremony of the III World Nomadic Games, the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Muhammetkaliy Abylgaziev gives the symbols of the Ga..

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Alexei Lutsenko won second gold medal at the Asian Games in 2018

Cyclist Alexei Lutsenko won the second gold medal at the Asian Games in 2018, reports This time he was the best in the race with a separat..

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