Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia Alexander Bortnikov reported that there were about 5,000 members of terrorist groups near the borders of CIS countries in the north of Afghanistan, reports 24kg.

At a meeting of the Heads of Security Agencies of CIS countries, the Head of FSB stressed that "transfer of terrorist groups to the northern provinces of Afghanistan is of particular concern".

«Branch of IS (Islamic State terrorist organization, banned in Kyrgyzstan), Wilayat Khorasan, concentrated about their 5,000 militants in these areas. Their continuous penetration into the countries of the Commonwealth, merging with local organized crime is ongoing. A significant part of them are citizens of the CIS countries who fought in Syria,» said Alexander Bortnikov.
He stressed that the build-up of terrorist forces contributed to the exacerbation of the situation and increase in the flow of drugs, weapons and illegal migration in Central Asia that is used to replenish the resource base of terrorists.

«Members of international terrorist organizations use refugee and labor migration flows for covert movement from combat zones and countries bordering them to other regions,» the Head of FSB told.

"The Qazaq Times"