According to company, Kazakhstan has the best rates among the countries of Central Asia in terms of broadband Internet speed and Kazakhstan ranks 61st.

The average speed of the fixed broadband Internet in the world is 55,52 megabits per second when downloading and 27,43 — when uploading.

Moreover, among the Central Asian countries, for example, Kyrgyzstan takes 92nd place, Tajikistan takes the 113th place and Uzbekistan - 131st. Turkmenistan takes the last among CA countries  — 176th place. In addition, Countries like Russia took the 46th place in the ranking, Ukraine — the 51st place and  Belarus — the 52nd.

What is more, in terms of mobile Internet speed Kazakhstan ranks 85th out of 137 countries. Kyrgyzstan takes the 111th place, Tajikistan - 137th place in the ranking. Russia takes the 82nd place, Uzbekistan — 129th. And also, it is worth to note that the average speed of the mobile Internet in the world is 25,38 megabits per second when downloading and 9,99 — when uploading.

"The Qazaq Times"