In Uzbekistan, from January 1, it is planned to increase the prices of vodka, wine and brandy. The draft law on increasing minimum wholesale selling and retail prices for alcohol products, developed by the Finance Ministry of Uzbekistan is submitted for public discussion until December 27, 2018.

The Ministry of Finance proposes to establish the minimum wholesale selling price of one liter of wine at the level of 8,000 soums (about $ 1) instead of the current 6,500 soums ($ 0,8). The minimum retail price of a grape drink can increase from 7,800 ($ 0,9) soums to 9,600 soums ($ 1.2).

According to analysts, brandy sold by manufacturers to retail outlets should rise in price from 22,000 soums ($ 2.7) to 29,000 soums ($ 3.6) per liter of finished products. The minimum retail price will increase from 26,400 soums ($ 3.3) to 34,600 soums ($ 4,3).

Changes in prices for vodka and other strong alcohol are also provided per liter of products. The minimum wholesale selling price will increase from 16,000 soums ($ 2) to 19,400 soums ($ 2,4), retail - from 19,200 soums ($ 2,4) to 23,200 soums ($ 2,9).

Recall, in Uzbekistan, alcohol prices are rising regularly. The last time strong drinks went up in early 2018 on the basis of a joint decree of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Committee of the Republic. The cost of production increased by an average of 20-24%. At the same time there was an increase in prices for tobacco products.

"The Qazaq Times"