Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are negotiating on mutual recognition of visas. If the parties agree, tourists visiting Kazakhstan will be able to enter Uzbekistan without difficulty. The mode will act in the reverse order. The participants of the panel session in the framework of the Interregional Cooperation Forum of the two countries, reports local media.

To implement the project, it is necessary to develop joint tourist routes, to establish air, rail and road transport links, to put in order the roads. Experts believe that if the outcome of negotiations is successful, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will seize the initiative. Thus, foreigners wishing to travel along the Silk Road will have the opportunity to move freely in the four Central Asian countries.

“Turoden on average will cost from 50 to 80 dollars. Our goal is to bring it to this level. Of course, tourists are different, so for someone this plug can go up to $ 500, depending on the tastes and possibilities. But in general, the goal is this”, - said Timur Duisengaliyev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC NC KazakhTourism.

"The Qazaq Times"