In implementing the tasks set by the Head of the State, Al-Farabi KazNU became the first Kazakhstani university to open a postdoctoral program. This important step is aimed at further transforming the University into an advanced world-class research university and enhancing the competitiveness of Kazakhstan's science in a global scientific and educational community. 

In the world practice, institutе for postdoctoral studies is one of the effective forms of training highly qualified scientific personnel and it is considered to be the main drivers of science. The program of postdoctoral studies of KazNU that meets high international standards, first of all, will allow young specialists with a scientific degree to increase their professional qualifications and conduct independent scientific research by updating it within developments as well as in high-ranking scientific publications of the world.

Becoming the first university in Kazakhstan to open a postdoctoral program, KazNU sets the trend of supporting talented young researchers and implements the next stage in the formation of the university as an industrial-innovative hub and knowledge-based economy of the country.

This innovation will allow solving important problems for Kazakhstan in the training of much-needed scientific personnel, reformatting youth from «brain drain» to «attraction» and «brain circulation». The program will also help attract scientists of not only Kazakhstan, but also of the entire world to research and innovation activities of KazNU as well as further integration of domestic science into the world scientific and educational space.

Nowadays, the University is systematically moving forward and strengthening its positions in authoritative world rankings and it presents a large intellectual corporation with a modern scientific and innovative infrastructure.

“The Qazaq Times”