During the year, the export direction increased by 27%, and imports grew by 19%. For export there are mainly fuel and energy products, machines and equipment are imported, reports EnergyProm.

The foreign trade turnover of Kazakhstan increased by 24.3% year-on-year, to 21 billion US dollars.

The main growth of foreign trade is ensured by export expansion: the volume of goods delivered by Kazakhstan to foreign markets increased by 27% a year, to $ 13.8 billion.

Import also increased - by 19.4% per year, to 7.2 billion dollars.

Almost 46% of Kazakhstan's commodity turnover fell on the countries of Europe, 42.9% - directly to the EU countries.

It is noteworthy that if Kazakhstan exports mainly to Europe (59.1% of export volumes and 55.2% directly to the EU), imports are mainly made from CIS countries (43.9%), more precisely - countries -partners in the EEA (39.4%).

“The Qazaq Times”