Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly presented the results of the annual survey to the members of the Government on how many people in Kazakhstan know a state language, at a meeting of the Government.

"The share of the population that mastered the state language in 2017 was 83.1%, the share of the adult population that mastered the three languages ​​was 22.3%," the Minister said.

In 2017, 610 civil servants of central executive bodies passed Kazakh language courses. In the republic there are 89 regional centers for teaching state language, in which more than 58,000 students have studied.

More than 22,000 civil servants have been tested for knowledge of the Kazakh language. The average level of knowledge showed less than half of 42.2%. A high level of 1.4%.

On February 26, Kazakh President instructed to translate all activities of the Parliament and the Government into the Kazakh language.

The Qazaq Times”