Senator Dariga Nazarbayeva offered to create a military television channel, reports the press service of Kazakhstan’s Senate.

On January 24, members of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Defense and Security of the Senate of the Parliament headed by Dariga Nazarbayeva visited the National Defense University named after the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the Leader of the Nation.

The senators visited the National Defense University, where the deputy of the Upper House of Parliament, Dariga Nazarbayeva proposed the creation of a television channel that will promote military service.

During the visit, the deputies raised a number of questions on improving the quality of education and expressed their proposals.

Dariga Nazarbayeva also suggested considering the possibility of training foreign students on a paid basis at the National Defense University, as well as creating a specialized military television channel that promotes military service,  the Senate press service specified.

 “The Qazaq Times”