Samsung Electronics, the Worldwide Olympic Partner and a Presenting Partner of the Olympic Torch Relay PyeongChang 2018, congratulates the Kazakhstan Olympic torchbearers on successfully completing their sections of the Olympic Torch Relay. Kazakhstan citizens carried the Olympic Flame on Jeju Island on November 3 and became one of the first participants of the Olympic Torch Relay Pyeongchang 2018.

As a Presenting Partner of the Olympic Torch Relay, Samsung will carry out a campaign under the theme “Do What You Can’t”. The campaign has been designed to ignite the Olympic spirit for everyone and create opportunities for individuals to defy their barriers and discover their potential. Samsung hopes to make the Olympic Torch Relay PyeongChang 2018 a festival that everyone around the world can celebrate and enjoy.

Among the Kazakhstan torchbearers are people who develop the retail market of Kazakhstan, and also take an active part in social and charitable projects supporting the Paralympic sport in Kazakhstan. Torchbearers include the President of the National Paralympic Committee Kairat Boranbaev, the founders of retail stores: Sulpak - Almas Sultangazin, "Mechta" - Erem Harutyunyan, "Technodom" - Eduard Kim.

“The Qazaq Times”