Over the past six months, 20 thousand people emigrated from the country - 17% more than a year earlier,  reports Energyprom.kz.

Most often they leave Kazakhstan for Russia, Germany and Uzbekistan.

In the first half of 2019, much more people left Kazakhstan than arrived. 20.1 thousand people left - 16.9% more than in the same period last year (17.2 thousand people). In turn, only 5.6 thousand people arrived in Kazakhstan this year - 11.3% less than the same period a year earlier (6.4 thousand people).

Mostly citizens leave the country: 16.8 thousand people. 3.2 thousand people moved from rural areas to other countries.

In general, for the whole of 2018, 41.9 thousand people left the country (a year earlier - 37.7 thousand people), and 12.7 thousand people arrived (a year earlier - 15.6 thousand people).

“The Qazaq Times”