It is reported by the First Vice Minister of Agriculture Aidarbek Saparov.

According to his information, the area of ​​spring sowing in Kazakhstan this year amounted to 19 million hectares, of which cereals - 14.5 million hectares, oilseeds - 2.7 million hectares, vegetable melons and potatoes - 458 thousand hectares, forage crops - 1 , 2 million hectares, industrial crops (sugar beets, cotton, tobacco) - 144 thousand hectares.

"To finance the spring field work, a budget loan in the amount of 60 billion tenge was allocated. The Agrarian Credit Corporation financed about 2,000 agricultural producers. 269 agricultural producers were credited for the amount of 10.1 billion tenge from the borrowed funds of KazAgro holding," Aidarbek Saparov reported.

The Vice Minister also noted that the program "Northern Soya" was developed together with the government of the North Kazakhstan region. The program is aimed at providing assistance to agricultural producers in the production of soybeans in the northern regions. In the North Kazakhstan region, 14 thousand hectares have already been sown. In general, the implementation of the Northern Soya program will make it possible to increase the area of ​​soybean crops to 1.5 million hectares in five years.

“The Qazaq Times”