At least 1,700 people arrived in Kyrgyzstan for permanent residence, and 7,100 people left the country in 2018, reports 24kg citing the National Statistical Committee.

The migration outflow of the population amounted to 5,400 people. Compared with 2017, the figure grew 1.4 times. At the same time, most of all people left the Chui region.

In 2018, there was an increase in the emigration of the country’s population to a permanent place of residence, where, as before, Russia and Kazakhstan were the dominant states. The top five most numerous ethnic groups of immigrants included the Russians — 37 %, the Kyrgyz — 30 %, the Uzbeks — 15 %, the Ukrainians — 3 %, and the Tatars — 2 %.

"The Qazaq Times"