"Tajikfilm" intends to control the bloggers' video clips on YouTube. Tax authorities consider that bloggers, as well as other citizens, must pay taxes.

The Tajik authorities have asked for a formal appeal to Youtube, not to publish a video of Tajik bloggers without their permission. Responsible persons of "Tajikfilm" company worried about the poor quality of video clips made by local bloggers. However, bloggers who are dissatisfied with the authorities' attempts say that YouTube can improve the quality of their content in other ways, and they should not limit bloggers' creativity.

As stated by Nosir Rakhmon, the head of the Tajik film studio, according to Tajikistan's legislation, authors of audio and video materials should get permission to access official places. Rakhmon said he does not mind working with video bloggers, but he concerned about the content and quality of video clips on YouTube.

Besides, Youtube has no representation in Tajikistan. According to Nosir Rakhmon, they have found the Youtube representative offices in Russia and Kazakhstan and officially asked to ban videos of Tajik bloggers without their special permission.

In addition, in recent years dozens of Tajiks from YouTube have been publishing video. They talk about various issues like transport on the local market, prices of houses in different regions of Tajikistan and other issues.

"The Qazaq Times"