Uzbekistan plans to complete the construction of four hydropower plants with a capacity of more than 30 MW, 16 new small hydropower stations, and also to modernize 21 existing stations over the next five years, reports the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kyrgyzstan.

These data are laid down in the draft Concept of development of the hydropower industry of Uzbekistan until 2024. The total cost of all implemented projects will exceed 2.6 billion US dollars, of which about 600 million dollars will be attracted credit funds.

The result will be an increase in annual electricity generation by 2.8 billion kW / h, while in the structure of Uzbekgidroenergo, the total number of stations will reach 57 with a total electricity generation of 9.3 billion kW / h.

As for the current state of affairs in the energy sector of Uzbekistan, the concept notes that electricity production in Uzbekistan is not sufficiently diversified, mainly natural gas is used. More than 80% of the installed electrical capacity in the country is provided by natural gas, followed by hydropower - more than 10% and coal - 5%.

“The Qazaq Times”