On November 2, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on issues of organizing effective implementation of the planned reforms on further development of the public education system, reports the website of Uzbek government.

To bring the system of upbringing and education to a completely new level, the Head of the state adopted the Decree “On additional measures of improving the system of public education management” of September 5 and a number of resolutions.
From September 1 of this year, wages of school managers and teaching staff, the number of which is over 450 thousand, have been raised. A system has been introduced for granting preferential loans to employees of public education for purchasing houses, land, household appliances, livestock and cars. A special state award for teachers has been established. The practice of attracting them to other jobs, conducting unreasonable inspections in schools was discontinued.
As a result of these measures, in the current year the system of public education was replenished with 16 thousand young personnel with higher education. Almost 13 thousand male teachers returned to schools.
At the meeting, the President noted that the field faces many challenges, the level of providing schools with textbooks, quality of curricula, work on increasing knowledge and skills of teachers, eliminating staff shortage, expanding opportunities for learning foreign languages still does not meet the requirements.
At the meeting on further development of public education system, the slowness in the work on automation of the educational process in the system, introduction of electronic form of services for enrollment and transfer of students, organization of private schools on the basis of public-private partnership was noted. Necessary measures in this direction were discussed.
It was noted that at present the level of knowledge and qualification of school teachers in general does not meet the requirements. 65 thousand workers in the system out of more than 422 thousand teachers have special secondary education. The number of teachers of the highest category is only 11 thousand.
The President noted the need for speedy completion of construction and repair work in schools, equipping them with centralized investment funds.
Instructions were given taking into account the needs of the regions on the transfer of vacant buildings of colleges and lyceums under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Education before the end of this year, as well as on transforming local schools into full-fledged schools by January 1, 2019, providing schools with buses.