In 2017, Kazakhstan exported more than 4,2 million tons of wheat for 660,7 million dollars.

This figure decreased by 5,5 percent in natural products, and by 4,8% in money terms in comparing to 2016.

Most of the wheat and meslin (mix of the wheat and rye ) were sold to Uzbekistan (1,7 million tons - 198,7 million) and Tajikistan (1 million tons - about 165,9 million dollars). In addition, 306,9 thousand tons of wheat for 57,5 million dollars were exported to China, 285 thousand tons to Afghanistan for 46,4 million dollars, and 227,1 thousand tons to Kyrgyzstan for 37,8 million dollars.

Moreover, last year, 2,3 million tons of flour was sold for 439,3 million dollars. The main buyer was Afghanistan, purchased 1,5 million tons of flour for 324,8 million dollars. 627,2 thousand tons of flour was sent to Uzbekistan for 109,7 million dollars and 35,8 thousand tons of flour to Turkmenistan for 10,5 million tons.

Translated by Nazerke Syundyukova

“The Qazaq Times”