Experts of defined five cities with the cheapest apartments in Kazakhstan.

The fifth place taook Oskemen city. The house sellers of this city estimated the square meter of the apartment for 165,4 thousand tenge. It was twice cheaper comparing to Almaty and Astana. From the center of the East Kazakhstan region it is possible to buy a house with the area of 40 square meters for 6,6 million tenge, and a three-bedroom apartment for 13,2 million tenge.

The fourth place in the rating was Semey. One room apartment in the city can be bought for 6,4 million tenge. And sellers estimated the three-room flats for 12,8 million tenge. So, the square meter of apartments in Semey was in average 160,4 thousand tenge.

In Pavlodar the square meter of apartment was 159,5 thousand tenge and it took the third place. The second place was Aktobe. The square meter of the apartment in this city was about 155 thousand tenge.

The house was very cheap in Taraz. The square meters of the apartment was about 151,9 thousand tenge.

Recall, in 2017, house purchasing activity Kazakhstani people's increased by 26%. For example, regarding to sale and purchase of home 239,600 contracts were made. The highest number of contracts was made in Astana (14,6%), Almaty (14%), Karaganda (10,4%).

“The Qazaq Times”