Over the last decade, the external debt of Kazakhstan  has increased by 74.6 billion dollars. As of October 1, 2017, it amounted to $ 168.9 billion, the press service of Kazakhstan's National Bank reports.

The growth of external debt was due to an increase in intercompany debt (by $ 76.7 billion), associated mainly with the implementation of oil and gas projects by branches of foreign companies in the country. The external debt of the non-financial sector of the economy grew by $ 26.2 billion, the Government - by $ 10.8 billion. This is due to the issue of Eurobonds and the attraction of loans and borrowings.

External liabilities of the National Bank have not changed much. They constitute an average of 0.6% of the country's external debt.

The external debt of the financial sector decreased by $ 39.1 billion due to a reduction in the debt of the banking sector (including Kazakhstan Development Bank JSC) for loans and borrowings by $ 37.4 billion.

According to the forecast of the Government of Kazakhstan, the size of the state debt by 2020 will be 11.9 trillion tenge. Minister of Finance Bakhyt Sultanov said that, in comparison with the current period, the debt in the coming three years is increasing by 1.3 times.

“The Qazaq Times”