The Directors of the Halyk Bank approved the integration of the two banks by joining Qazkom to the Halyk Bank, reported the press service of these Banks. The combination of Qazkom to the Halyk Bank will continue after passing all necessary procedures, including agreement with appropriate regulatory bodies.

 ‘After work of five months with international consultants, we can confidently state that the potential of the transaction is huge both in scope and concerning the degree of influence on the economy of Kazakhstan and several neighbouring countries. Integration of two banks is the most optimal option for further development of the group. The core of integration is the principle of maximum synergy, based on combining the strengths of the two banks. We will take the best: the most developed banking infrastructure in the country and the best risk management of Halyk Bank, modern technologies and standards of Qazkom customer service. Also, knowledge, experience in serving millions of customers and the most competitive products and services of both banks will be used’, said Umut Shayakhmetova, deputy chairman of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan.

Also, deputy chairman of Qazkom Ulf Vokurka believed that the integration help to develop business and the economic areas of our country.

‘We expect that the association, creating the largest bank, will improve the access of clients to loans and a broader product line. It will provide additional incentives for the development of business and the economy. The investment opportunities of the Halyk Group will allow the advanced development of Kazkom's ‘know-how’. Also, it helps us to continue to maintain and strengthen our technological leadership and quality of service’.

Recall, on July 2017, the Banks began with the unification of ATM networks in order to improve their services and increase their availability.

“The Qazaq Times”