Kazakhstan and Finland strengthen cooperation in transport sphere

Kazakhstan and Finland are strengthening cooperation in the transport sector, the press service the Ministry for Investment and Development reports. T..

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Over 15 tons of gold to produce at the Kumtor mine

More than 15 tons of gold is predicted to be produced in 2018 at the Kumtor Gold, in Kyrgyzstan, reports the company's website. According to the forec..

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19 billion tenge to spend for the 20th anniversary of Astana

In the Senate, during the discussion of amendments to the republican budget for 2018-2020 it became known how much money is planned to spend on celebr..

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Uzbekistan and Tajikistan organize joint military exercises

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to hold joint military exercises until the end of 2018, reports Sputnik Tajikistan. These two countries organize joint milit..

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Citizens of Turkey and China often move to Kazakhstan

In the context of non-CIS countries, citizens of Turkey and China mainly move to Kazakhstan, said Kazakhstan's Minister of Internal Affairs Kalmukhanb..

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