The Ministry of Education and Science commented published articles of Kazakhstan's scientists

‘Published articles by 250 Kazakhstani scientists in journals do not have scientific value’, reports Kazakhstan’s Chairman of the Committee of Science..

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Indian and Pakistan students to study medical specialties in Petropavl

Students from India and Pakistan to study medicine specialties in Petropavl, said Vice-Rector of the North Kazakhstan State University named after Man..

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Matt Garnett: One of my favorite Kazakh singers is Sara Tynyshtygulova

I'm in Michigan at Michigan State University  in East Lansing, USA. I am visiting-scholar in the College of Communication Arts&Sciences, School of..

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Full-time students are declining in Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions

During the academic year 2017/2018, 82.8 thousand students graduated the higher educational institution in Kazakhstan. Compare to last year, the trend..

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Only one university from Kazakhstan entered into Round University Ranking

Only one university from Kazakhstan, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University took 448 place out of 761 universities from science in the humanities with 3..

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