This work includes:

Analytical theses on possible actions of the European Commission, possible Strategic Initiatives of the EU on the materials of the Guidelines for the New European Commission.


At present, everyone is interested in changes in the policy of the European Union.

In connection with the reformatting of the leadership and composition of the EU institutions – the Commission, Parliament, Council.

The five-year term should bring changes and innovations in the work of  EU institutions, changes in EU policy.

This is no longer a distant strategy but a direct action. What concerns the Commission, for example, and on this issue it is necessary to constantly have a very clear picture, for understanding and timely response.

For a rough understanding of the future actions of the European Commission under the leadership of  Ursula von der Leyen presented the document (“A Union that strives for more. My agenda for Europe. Political Guidelines for the next European Comission”).


Main points of this document:

✓ "European green deal»

✓ "An economy that works for people»

✓ "Europe fit for the digital age»

✓ "Protection our European way of  life»

✓ "A stronger Europe in the world»

✓ "A new push for European democracy»

The essence of the questions and points is clear, although sometimes the names do not always correspond to what is done under these items. This is evident from the recent decisions of  the New Commission President - the Vice-President for the Protection of the European Way of  Life should deal with the issues of migrants and changes in legislation on this issue, which caused a lively debate in Europe. The current President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, had to intervene and speak out on the issue. Now apparently the new President will be more careful in his decisions.

It is very interesting to see what really real will be done by Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen in the first 100 days and much further. This is what is shown in the document.

First place – work on Climate Protection. This is very important for Europe. Most European countries are industrial and use new technologies. Conservation of nature and climate is a top priority. There will be no second Europe.

"If the scale of climate change will not limited, droughts and floods will further destabilize some countries already vulnerable to ongoing conflicts." This will cause new waves of migration and other disasters.

Actions and financial injections into the environmental program of Germany for 54 billion euros and at during the 74th session of  the UN General Assembly confirms the real intentions of some EU countries.

Proposals by Ursula von der Leyen in the Guidelines for the next European Comission

The European Green Deal - In the first 100 days of the new EU Commission – is likely according to the guidance to be put forward the First European Climate Law to enshrine the 2050 goal – Climate Neutrality in Europe.

A Carbon Tax will be introduced. A New Industrial Strategy, European Climate Pact, Green Finance Strategy, Sustainable Europe Investment Plan and other laws, plans and projects will be developed.

It is necessary to take into account the style of work of German functionaries-real, pragmatic and practical actions.

Economic Programm - Support for small Businesses, Deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union, the Completion of the Banking Union. The Social Programm Is The Social Pillar Of Europe. The action plan for the full implementation of the European component of social rights, the legal document ensuring every worker in our Union a fair minimum wage, the European Scheme Of Reinsurance of Unemployment Benefits, the European Child Guarantee, the Taxation of  large technology companies will be a priority.

Digital Programm - investing in blockchain, high performance computing, quantum computing, algorithms, and tools to share and use data. Standards for a new generation of technologies that will become the global norm. Legislation for a coordinated European approach to the human and ethical implications of artificial intelligence. New Law on Digital Services.

Protecting Our European Way Of Life - The maintenance of the Rule of Law, the greater role of the European Parliament in this rule of law mechanism, the tightening of law enforcement, Strong Borders and a New Start of Migration, a New Pact on Migration and Asylum, the resumption of the Dublin reform of asylum rules. Frontex's permanent corps of 10,000 border Guards at the EU's external borders by 2024. Internal security.

A stronger Europe in the worldMultilateralism is the EU's guiding principle in the world. Free and fair trade. The Principal Officer to Ensure Compliance with Trade Agreements to improve compliance with and enforcement of trade agreements. More active role. European leadership also means working hand in hand with neighbours and partners. Qualified Majority in the vote to become the rule in this area. NATO will always be the cornerstone of Europe's collective defence. Further bold steps in the next five years towards a Genuine European Defence Union.

A new push for European democracy - The work of the Conference on the Future of Europe, which will begin in 2020 and will last two years. The conference should bring together citizens, including the significant role of youth, civil society and European institutions as equal partners. The conference should be well prepared with a clear scope and clear objectives agreed between the Parliament, the Council and the Commission. Special relationship with the European Parliament. Partnership between the European Commission and the European Parliament. Improving the system of Leading Candidates-Spitzenkandidaten. Greater transparency and thoroughness. The European Action Plan in the field of Democracy.


Characteristics of  Document and Proposals

Ursula von der Leyen's Guidelines identifies the points that will be forced in the first 100 days and beyond as the main points of the work of the New EU Commission.

 The main and First is the Fight against Climate Changes. For Industrial Europe, which is very densely populated and with a large population with a tendency to growth, this Task is very important, but it has nothing to do with "geopolitical competition". The first European Climate Law should legally fix many provisions for the protection of  the environment

 The second is the Economy and Social Support. Economic programs were not strongly highlighted in this document. Basically, the possible points of Social Assistance to children, youth and people with minimum wages are shown. Taxation of  large companies is also a program for the social budget.

Third - The Digital Program is clear without explanation. Probably put forward and pass a Law on Digital Services is a necessity for Europe due to the fact that the US and China are leaders in these areas.

The Fourth - the Protection of the European Way of Life – It is often seen in the minds of the officials is confusion, all items are confused and then put forward a point that essentially just sums up all the things that they would like to highlight. Rule of Law this applies for example to justice, human rights, law making and is applicable to many programs. The New Migration and Asylum Pact and the Frontex border guard Corps should probably streamline this chaotic flow of migrants and border security.

The Fifth - a Stronger Europe in the World - this point probably answers on the questions of "Geopolitical Competition". The US, China and Russia, not counting the regional powers are not standing still. The main position in this Guidelines is Trading. As a large market and producer, Europe must maintain its leadership in this area. On standard Security and Defense issues, the Guidelines did not have much to offer. And only a Qualified Majority Vote was promised as a method of strengthening unity.

The Sixth - Democracy, implies greater involvement of citizens in Governance and Research and coherence between the Commission, Parliament and the Council. In addition, the principle of Leading Candidates or Spitzenkandidaten should be firmly established in practice. Apparently the President of the European Commission was not very comfortable for such an elite nomination for the post. (This is indeed a very elitist nomination; the European Parliament has been sidelined, although it may be successful. The Aristocracy in Politics – it was necessary the Person who probably has a sum of qualities for strong leadership).

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