According to the head of the Ministry of Education and Science, Tajikistan has never tried to switch from Cyrillic to Arabic. “We never tried to change the Cyrillic alphabet to another alphabet. There is no need for that,” said Nuriddin Said.

According to him, the schools of Tajikistan have a subject for teaching the alphabet of ancestors (Farsi) of students in grades 7-8. “We published books, and this subject is conducted in grades 7-8,” the minister noted.

“Once again I want to emphasize that today in Tajikistan there is no need to switch from Cyrillic to Arabic or Farsi. There are no instructions or recommendations on this issue,” said Nuriddin Said.

In Tajik society, from time to time the question of the transition from Cyrillic to Arabic is raised, but basically the masses do not receive such proposals.

“The Qazaq Times”