Important conversations and premier networking with top professionals from the Central Asia region and beyond will be held at the 6th annual CAMCA regional Forum that will take place in Tashkent from June 1214, Asia plus reports.

The 2019 CAMCA Regional Forum will focus around the theme of “CAMCA: Shared Interests, Shared Aspirations,” featuring plenary sessions, keynotes and discussions on topics.

Topics include intraregional trade, transport and transit, regional business and investment opportunities, geopolitical and economic developments, entrepreneurship and innovation, human capital and education initiatives and much more.

Since its establishment in 2014, the Forum has featured more than 160 speakers and welcomed hundreds of participants representing over 25 countries and 150 companies across the globe.

The Forum is a premier opportunity to engage with prominent influencers and rising leaders in the CAMCA (Central Asia-Mongolia-Caucasus-Afghanistan) region and to gain firsthand insights on the region's pulse and developments.

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