A candidate for presidency Amirzhan Kossanov commented on the situation Kazakh civic activist Saule Abildakhankyzy. He wrote about on his social media.Saule Abildkhankyzy beaten outside of the police station.

"I belived that in the public-political life "beating people" is already in the past. I mean, it's a dirty, dirty method!

As Abzal Kuspan reports, public activist Saule Abildakhankyzy was beaten by group of women outside of the police station. Someone wearing masks was taking a video!

What a shame it is! What a pity! What a shame! I believe that the competent authorities should immediately investigate the situation and and find the perpetrators (the organizers of those acts of horror)!", wrote Amirzhan Kossanov on his Facebook page.

"The Qazaq Times"