Heads of airlines of Central Asia to meet today in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) at a round table for the first time, 24kg news agency.

Specialists plan to discuss local and regional problems hampering aviation development in the region, and how airlines, governments and a wide range of concerned parties can work together to improve the regulatory environment in Central Asian countries to accelerate the growth of air transport.

Agenda includes a review of the current advantages of aviation in the region and economic prospects for the coming years, as well as regional obstacles to future growth, discussion of the Smart Regulation project and its application in Central Asian countries, safety of flights aspects, such as the inclusion of operational safety audits IATA (IOSA) into national regulation, as well as Performance Based Navigation (PBN), stable supply of aviation fuel and analysis of airport fees in the region.

The chief executive officers and top managers of Air Astana, Somon Air, SCAT, Qazaq Air, Avia Traffic and Uzbekistan Airways participate in the round table discussion.

Representatives of the International Air Transport Association will participate in the discussion as observers and for expert support in the areas of economic analysis and other air transport issues.

"The Qazaq Times"