According to the integrated sample survey of household budgets, in 2017, 25.6 % of the population were in the poor category, reports the National Statistical Committee.

0.8 % of the population was in a state of extreme poverty. At the same time, 28.4 % of rural residents and 20.4 percent of urban residents remain poor. Compared with 2013, the number of poor people decreased by 11.4 %, and the extremely poor - by 2 %.

At the end of 2017, the number of recipients of state benefits in the country amounted to 378.8 thousand people. The recipients of the monthly allowance to low-income families with children were 91.4 thousand families, or 291.8 thousand people. 87 thousand people were recipients of social benefits in the country. The number of recipients of social benefits over the past five years has increased by almost 16 %.

“The Qazaq Times”