Instructors of the Central Military District of Russia trained about 1,500 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in motorized rifle, tank and reconnaissance specialties, the press service of the central military district reports with reference to the deputy district commander, Lieutenant-General Yuri Petrov.

"The servicemen of Tajikistan received specialties from the gunner-operator and mechanic of the T-72 and BMP-2 tanks, the driver for the BTR-80, the commander and gunner of the Grad volley fire systems," the message reads.

Training of junior specialists has been organized since the beginning of 2015 on the basis of the Agreement on the stay of the Russian military base in the territory of Tajikistan.

“In turn, the training of the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan in 17 military occupational specialties took place during the month at the Ala-Too and Edelweiss test sites,” said Yu. Petrov.

“The Qazaq Times”