Tasks on the base of Unified National Testing was updated to 50%. This was announced by the Director of the National Testing Center Ramazan Alimkulov.

As stated by him, every year the National Testing Center has upgraded only 35% of all test tasks within the framework of state order. However, Alimkulov noted that this year NTC will pay more attention for this work.

Moreover, new questions were added for the base. In 2018 the base of test tasks consists of 120 thousand questions. Last year, there were 80,000 questions.

"11 percent of the 120 thousand questions are aimed at developing functional literacy. About 37 percent of that have one or more correct answers. This kind of tasks give an opportunity to deeply understand the subject and improve their memory. The subjects such reading literacy and mathematical literacy are compulsory disciplines, they are focused on increasing functional literacy. It is consistent with international demands, especially, demands of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development", - he mentioned.

Moreover, Ramazan Alimkulov told that the new payment service was launched in 2018 so graduates can prepare for UNT online in their home.

"The cost of online testing is 260 tenge, it is cheaper than buying a brochure. We also increased the kind of payments. Now, students can pay for the test online staying in their home, through the card, internet banking and cash-24 terminal", - noted Alimkulov.

Recall, the format of UNT was changed in 2017. Graduated students will test in study of literacy, mathematical literacy, history of Kazakhstan and the two selected subjects and should get required 140 points.

“The Qazaq Times”