Kazakhstan Automobile Business Association (KABA) expects that prices for cars in Kazakhstan will rise by 5%, reports LS news agency.

 The organization noted that in 2017, cars went up by an average of 3% in tenge and 4% in dollars. For individual models of trucks, the cost increased by 15%, for some models of passenger cars - up to 5-10%.

‘In 2018, the automobile market as a whole will still depend quite strongly on the import component, both regarding the importation of cars of various models that do not produce in Kazakhstan. Also, concerning imports components for the assembly of auto local production affects to price of cars’,  noted in the KABA.

The association added that the car market is directly affected by changes in the dollar and ruble exchange rates, also inflation and oil.

‘The overwhelming majority of experts consider the level of 320-350 tenge as a corridor of fluctuations of the tenge-dollar course. Therefore, under the conditions of further stabilisation of the economy according to the scenario planned by the state and finding the dollar rate in the given corridor, the average level of prices for new cars will grow by no more than by 5 %. With significant deviations in the development of the economy, the forecast can revise’,  explained in the ACAB.

 “The Qazaq Times”