2018 February

The daily volume of oil production at Kashagan is 300 thousand barrels

Oil production at the offshore Kashagan field in the Atyrau region has approached 300 thousand barrels per day, said Antonio Vella, Chief Operating Of..

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The largest volume of Kazakhstan's coal was bought by Russia

In January-November 2017, Kazakhstan exported 24,5 million tons of coal for 407,8 million dollar abroad. As stated by the Statistics Committee, raw m..

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Ecologists find the reason for the appearance of an oil stain in the Ertis River

Ecologists find out the reason for the appearance of an oil stain that spilt over the Ertis River in the East Kazakhstan area. Employees of the Enviro..

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Standards of halal products based on Malaysian experience in Kazakhstan

To more accurately determine the composition of products labelled "halal" offer to conduct a DNA analysis, reports Kazakhstan's Chairman of the Commit..

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Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry: Next round of Astana Syria talks may held on late February

The next round of the Astana process on settlement of the Syrian conflict is planned for later this month, Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry Kairat Abdrak..

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