2018 February

Kazakhstan collected 20.6 million tons of grain in 2017  

Gross harvest of grain 2017 in net weight amounted to 20.6 million tons with a yield of 14.4 centners per hectare, reported the extended session of Go..

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Kazakh President banned to create new special economic zone in the regions

Kazakh President Nazarbayev criticized the work of the SEZ in the regions and instructed not to create new economic zones, while the acting ones will ..

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On the birthday of Sarah Nazarbayeva to hold a special lesson in schools

 On February 12, the birthday of Kazakhstan's first lady Sara Nazarbayeva in all Kazakh schools will be lessons of self-knowledge, the press service o..

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Citizens of Kazakhstan can travel to the Arab Emirates without a visa

Rezidents of Kazakhstan will be able to enter the United Arab Emirates without visa from March 10. The official representative of the Ministry of Fore..

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Kazakhstan has risen to 11 step in the prosperity rating

Kazakhstan has risen to 11 step in the international prosperity rating and ccupied 72nd place. As stated by the Legatum Prosperity Index, the state ha..

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