It is reported by Almaz Alybayev, deputy director of the Information and Consultative Center of the State Migration Service of the Kyrgyz Republic.

According to him, private employment agencies work together with fuel and lubricants, which carry out activities to monitor and issue permits for employment of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

“The issuance of the permit costs 4 thousand soms. It is issued after the transfer of a deposit amount of 50 thousand soms, which is spent to compensate for possible material damage caused to a labor migrant due to non-compliance with the terms of the contract concluded between an economic entity and a foreign employer,” the deputy explained.

He also added that 80% of Kyrgyz people are employed in Turkey for seasonal work in the service sector.

“More often, they work as waiters, hotel workers, and so on. But this is data according to the information provided by our private agencies, according to our official data, the majority of our compatriots go to Russia, ”said Alybayev.

He also added that in 2018 over 55 applications from citizens for unlawful activities of senders and employers were received, where, with the assistance of the Information and Consultative Center for Fuels and Lubricants, 993 thousand soms were reimbursed to applicants.

“The Qazaq Times”