"95 general schools with a total contingent of 143 thousand 264 students function in the city. There are not enough school places is 10,735. This problem will be solved through the construction of school outbuildings", said Yermek Amanshaev, deputy Mayor od Astana, during the meeting with the population.

He also said that since the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year, 5 extensions to schools for 2600 places have been introduced. The construction of 7 schools for 10 800 places has been started, which will allow to remove high overconsolidity in the schools of the city.

"Internal migration in the country is quite high. Annually in Astana more than 40 thousand inhabitants of our country move from other regions. Natural increase of population is added. Every day 70-75 children are born in Astana. This indicates a high level of quality of life in Astana and the quality of the various services provided, including medical and educational services. People try to move to get a certain quality of life, "said Yermek Amanshaev.

In 2018, per him, it is planned to put into operation 6 comprehensive schools for 6900 places. According to the complex plan for the construction of Astana until 2022, it is required to build 46 schools, 10 outbuildings.

“The Qazaq Times”