In 2017, Single Accumulative Pension Fund was repaid with a debt of 1 billion 249 million tenge from troubled issuers. In this way, the problem assets of the Fund have now been reduced to 37 billion tenge. This was announced today at a press conference of SAPF.

"We have 19 problem issuers, total debt is 37 billion tenge, and now debt is reduced, and we do not stop and we are going to continue our job, and many companies want to be bankrupt and come to an agreement. We take measures to avoid bankruptcy", - told Kadyrzhan Zabih, director of the SAPF public relations department.

Moreover, the deputy fund chairman Saule Egeubaeva said at a press conference that some investors registered their pension in the insurance companies.

"In 2017, 26,06 billion was transferred to insurance companies.The contributors chose to register a pension annuity from insurance companies. In 2017, there were 2,784 people",- noted Egeubayeva.

Translated by Nazerke Syundyukova

“The Qazaq Times”